For those maybe interested in TR-200: the problem was with 4 transistors in the output stage of the LEFT channel: Q605 (MPSU06), Q607 (MPSU56), Q609 and Q611 (2N5496), all of them were bad. I have also changed the output capacitors C613, C614 (both 2200uF) and power capacitors C705, C706 (2200uF). The receiver now works fine, the sound is amazing!


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Ett riktigt fint exemplar av denna tandberg receiver från 1970. Var en av de mest populära Tandberg på sin tid. Uteffekt på ca. 2x25W.

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Som vanligt när det gäller Tandberg är radiodelen suverän! Alla våra produkter är funktionstestade! Kontakta oss om Du är intresserad. 2020-03-25 · Tandberg TR-200 Började från fel håll med att rengöra och olja in.

View and Download TANDBERG TR-200 service manual online. fm stereo receiver. TR-200 stereo receiver pdf manual download.

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Köp online Tandberg TR-2075 MK2- 2080 (447388909) • Stereoförstärkare • Avslutad 11 mar 19:09. Skick: Begagnad ✓ Pris 300 kr ✓ •

About Even though the TR 220 was just a back-up set for me, I liked it alot. The TR 220 inspired me so much, later on in the 70's I went for Tanderg models TR 2025, TR 2055, Huldra 9 and Huldra 10, as well.

Tandberg TR-200 (advice) Step 1. After starting a thread a little while ago, about stereo receivers, I managed to buy a Tandberg TR-200 For just over £30. It arrived a few hours ago, its in Lovely cosmetic condition, but one small Tandberg TR-2025 The TR-2025 completes the TR 2000 series - 3 top models to meet a variety of needs and pockets.
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A small damage is visible on top of the front panel, slightly to the top right of the word receiver.

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Tandbergista’s latest project: TR-2080 part 1 and 2. A long restoration of the biggest, but not baddest, receiver Tandberg made. Read here: TR-200 restoration and hifi bargain of the year! See under Customer Projects. Other restoration projects under Tandberg gear.

Information: Begagnad receiver i gott skick. Lite nagg längst ner på vänster sida i träsidan.

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This is a 75  Titanium receiver. Connections for 2 x tape (or CD), Phono MM, 2 pairs of speakers.